Monopoly Optimised Dice

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Date added: woensdag 7 januari 2015

If you want something done properly, do it yourself.

"Guys, and I mean this inclusively," I said to my team of designers, "I need you to put your best foot forward and do some top notch, Triple A, best-in-class designing. This really has to be an A1, first-class, five-star design from the top shelf. I need your grade A work."

"Consider it done, boss!", they said. "Count on us! We'll make a world-class design for you asap, big man, Big Cheese, head honcho, numero uno, Mr. Upstairs, El Presidente, top brass, capo di capi, …"

Realising they were just going the spend the rest of the day thinking up synonyms for management, I decided to go ahead and make something myself. Please enjoy these Monopoly optimised dice. Make sure you get first turn.